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Consistent Accuracy

ATUSA combines a patented 3D ultrasound scanner and Artificial Intelligence to perform whole breast scans and localize breast lesions with consistent accuracy matching the best operators using traditional ultrasound equipment.

Comprehensive 3D scanning and lesion localization on par with the best ultrasound specialists.
Reproducible whole breast image acquisition and analysis performed consistently across patients.

Automated 3D Ultrasound Scans

ATUSA enables physicians to perform repeatable breast ultrasound imaging at the point of care without the need for a trained ultrasound operator. With our proprietary radial scan method, ATUSA creates precise 3D visualizations of lesions as well as sagittal, transverse and coronal views.

Expert results at the point of care without requiring a trained ultrasound operator.
Three-dimensional visualizations of breast volume for easier lesion detection and better diagnosis.

Unmatched Speed and Convenience

The ATUSA wearable accessory ensures fast, easy and comfortable image acquisition. Scans only take one minute per breast and make breast imaging painless and convenient for patient and practitioner — finally!

Fully automated and hands-free, ATUSA is 15-20 times faster than manual probing.
Standard ATUSA wearable accessory, scanning procedure and app for a simpler workflow.

Personalized Risk-based Imaging

ATUSA's accessible ultrasound scanning procedure opens the door to personalized longitudinal monitoring for high-risk individuals, providing better patient experience and increased engagement.

Accessible monitoring for high-risk individuals, enhanced patient experience and engagement.
Remote Monitoring
Personalized longitudinal monitoring, change tracking and remote care made accessible.
As a son of a breast cancer victim, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of more available and frequent breast cancer screening and monitoring. My mother suffered from the unfortunate consequence of believing she was in remission when her breast cancer returned unbeknownst to her. ATUSA provides a window into the activity of cancer, and, more importantly, builds from this a cancer profile previously unknown to physicians and patients alike.
Lance M. Black
Lance M. Black, MD, MBID
TMC Innovation Institute

Developed by Domain Experts

Maryam Ziaei
Maryam Ziaei, PhD
Founder, CEO
Shadi Saberi
Shadi Saberi, PhD
Founder, CTO
Nelia Jafroodi
Nelia Jafroodi, PhD
Chief Data Scientist

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*For Research Use Only.

This product is in the research phase of development and has not been demonstrated to be safe or effective for clinical use. Any use of this product and the associated information is for research only and not for a diagnostic, therapeutic or other clinical purpose.